About Us

We are a family owned and operated resort, with a family centered approach to everything we do. Now with up to 3 generations of clients, who have all come to know, expect, and love great service, a relaxing experience and a one of a kind atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


In 1991, after years of owning and operating tourism companies in Europe, Walter with 2 business partners, were able to purchase the land that Bahia Club sits on today. After months of planning, design, and construction they were able to open their doors to the public in 1992. Over the first few years it was only a campground but after a lot of hard work Walter was able to grow the business to what it is today, 16 cabins, 64 campsites, a restaurant, minimarket, beach kiosk and an unmentionable number of year-round activities for the whole family.

Our Team

Don Walter

Walter started his tourism and hospitality career in Munich Germany in 1970 after graduating from high school here in Chile. After a few years in Germany, it was off to the Canary Islands where he began a travel agency and tour company focused on bringing European and German tourism over to his home island of Lanzarote. He tene was able to open a moped and beach bungalow rental company to house and entertain his European clients. After almost 2 decades in the Canary Islands it was back to his true home, Chile where he began this amazing project which is now known as Bahia Club Guanaqueros.

Nathaniel Baslaw

Nathaniel, or as his friends say Nate, started his career in hospitality in 2005 working in hotels in Mammoth Lakes California, a small ski resort town on the Eastside of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In 2012 he, and his now wife Andrea, moved from Mammoth Lakes to Napa California for him to take over as the Director of Operations at the Westin Verasa Napa, a hotel in Downtown Napa. Then after many wonderful years in the beautiful Napa Valley, having two wonderful children, they were asked in 2017 by Don Walter, Andrea´s uncle, to come and help operate the camping. It took just over a year to finalize the move and in late 2018 they finally made it to Guanaqueros. They are now all settled into their new life here in beautiful Guanaqueros and enjoying family, friends and life at the beach.

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